Effective Leadership Development

The cornerstone of United Voices for America is our leadership development programs. We understand that for minorities to fully embrace their role as active participants in the political process, they must be well-prepared. United Voices for America is training the leaders of tomorrow through a series of events and programs designed specifically to speak the language of the next generation.

Our leadership development activities include:

  • The Capitol Leadership Academy: Our flagship summer program offers an intensive introduction to political activism and effective community organization.
  • Meet and Greet Events: Opportunities to learn from experienced community leaders and government officials.
  • Leadership Workshops: Targeted events focusing on specific areas of interest such as elections, policymaking and communications.
  • Candidate Campaign School: A comprehensive program that covers all aspects of candidate training and campaign management.

Civic Engagement

Beyond just leadership training, United Voices for America strives to create opportunities for all individuals to become fully involved in creating a brighter tomorrow for our communities. Not everyone can be or wants to be a community leader, but United Voices for America believes that everyone can and should be engaged at some level in our government.

To promote greater civic involvement, we organize:

  • Capitol Action Days: An opportunity for minorities to meet their legislators directly and discuss their questions and concerns as well as their hopes and dreams for the future.
  • Candidate and Issue Forums: These events are a crucial part of creating a well-informed electorate that is motivated to vote on election day.
  • Networking Opportunities: The chance to meet like-minded individuals, discuss goals and share strategies.
  • Public Sector Career Development: Services that connect minorities, young and old, to government opportunities in their area, including local committees, commissions and non-elected positions.

Grassroots Mobilization

The unfortunate truth is that many minorities stay away from the polls because they don’t think their voice will be heard. Others, particularly new Americans, may be intimidated by the voting process or confused by the issues. United Voices for America is engaged in a full-scale effort to mobilize minority communities at the grassroots level.

We encourage and empower minorities to become involved by organizing:

  • Get Out the Vote Campaigns: These initiatives take the mystery out of elections. We help minorities understand the voting process, their polling location and election procedures.
  • Voter Registration Drives: Collaborative efforts with community leaders that seek to ensure that all eligible electors are properly registered.
  • Voter Education Series: Ongoing efforts to make sure all electors are well-informed about legislation, issues and ballot proposals that impact their families and their communities.
  • Issue Mobilization: Calling upon our vast network of supporters, we quickly and effectively communicate issue updates with thousands of impacted constituents and coordinate a unified response.

NetRoots Advocacy

Emerging technology offers some of the most powerful tools available for communication. The leaders of the next generation will use the internet, wireless apps and social media to impact change. At United Voices for America, we are harnessing those tools today to create powerful political advocacy.

Our NetRoots activities include:

  • Email Action Blasts: Instant updates on important issues can be sent on a moment’s notice to subscribers via email, text or twitter.
  • Online Petitions: Online applications allow minorities to easily locate their elected representatives and share their concerns.
  • Social Media Connections: Facebook, twitter and more provide online networking opportunities as well as education and resource tools.
  • Campus Program: A new initiative that takes online civic engagement to campuses across the nation.

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