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About United Voices

Who We Are: About United Voices

A non-profit, non-partisan civic engagement organization, United Voices for America is changing the direction of political discussion in the United States. Rather than allowing a select few to drive policy-making, we work to ensure that all citizens have a seat at the table. America is stronger when all its people are engaged in the democratic process.

As a supporter of United Voices for America, your voice will be heard. We provide training, networking and advocacy opportunities for minorities and people of color who are otherwise disenfranchised from the political process. We invite you to join us as we transform our communities and nation.

Where We Stand

At United Voices for America, we do not see the world in black and white. There is no right or left…red or blue. Instead of wasting time and energy on partisan bickering, we view our great country as a collection of many diverse voices, each worthy of consideration.

That’s why United Voices for America advocates on behalf of minorities and people of color throughout the nation. Your voice deserves to be heard, regardless of the color of your skin, your chosen faith or where you stand on an issue. Our grassroots organization is committed to giving you the tools and resources you need to make a difference in your local community, state and nation. United Voices for America doesn’t stand for Democrats, and it doesn’t stand for Republicans

Where we stand…is with you.


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