After 20 years in Guantánamo and a seven-year hunger strike, Ahmed Rabbani is finally free

On February 26, 2023, in Close Gitmo, Guantánamo, Human Rights, by admin

Written by Clive Stafford Smith (Human Rights Lawyer) It was very moving to watch the tracker that followed the United States air force C17 aircraft as it flew across the Atlantic and above the Straits of Gibraltar. I knew that seated on board was my Guantánamo client Ahmed Rabbani, going home to Karachi after 20 […]

Family, Islamic group want action after teen’s hijab was removed at Kentucky school

On February 25, 2023, in Civil Rights, Hate Crimes, Islamophobia, by admin

A Hardin County girl was suspended last fall following an incident after another student attempted to remove her hijab – a punishment her mother and the Council on American-Islamic Relations say was harsher than what was given to the boy they say initiated the confrontation. Kenneisha Turner Wright, said her 14-year-old daughter was suspended for […]

India blocks ‘hostile’ BBC documentary on PM Modi

On January 22, 2023, in Hindu Nationalism, India, Islamophobia, by admin

New Delhi (AFP) – India’s government said it has blocked videos and tweets sharing links to a BBC documentary about Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s role during deadly 2002 sectarian riots, calling it “hostile propaganda and anti-India garbage”. The British broadcaster’s programme alleges that the Hindu nationalist Modi, premier of Gujarat state at the time, ordered […]

Census shows 39 per cent of Muslims live in most deprived areas in England and Wales

On December 14, 2022, in Civil Rights, Human Rights, Immigration, Islamophobia, United Kingdom, by admin

Nearly 40 per cent of the Muslim population live in the most deprived areas of England and Wales, according to analysis of census data. It found nearly half a million more Muslims reside in the poorest fifth areas than a decade ago. The Muslim Council of Britain, who ran the analysis, urged policymakers to take […]

Opinion: Islamophobia from the likes of Boris Johnson must be punished – and this is how to do it

On December 12, 2022, in Civil Rights, Islamophobia, United Kingdom, by admin

A House of Commons report confirms Islamophobia as the most common form of religious hate crime in the UK. Specifically, 42% of all religious hate crimes reported to the police were attacks against Muslims. But genuine efforts to punish Islamophobia and Islamophobic attacks are so weak that statistics on prosecutions and convictions are entirely absent. […]

China protests: Uyghur people have suffered most from draconian zero-COVID policies but are too terrorised to join in

On December 10, 2022, in Islamophobia, Uyghur Genocide, by admin

The latest wave of protests sweeping through China were sparked by the deaths of at least ten people in a fire in a high-rise apartment block in Ürümchi, Xinjiang. Residents were apparently prevented from leaving the building due to the enforcement of ethnically targeted zero-COVID regulations. The region is home to 12 million ethnic Uyghurs, […]

Report: Exploring Growing Hindu Nationalism in India: A Social Media Analysis of the Nupur Sharma Controversy

On November 26, 2022, in Hindu Nationalism, India, Islamophobia, by admin

Several anti-Muslim incidents and communal clashes in India, where 80 per cent of the population is Hindu and 14 per cent Muslim, have made the headlines in recent years and spilled over into diaspora communities in Canada, the U.K. and the U.S. T he explosive controversy surrounding Indian politician Nupur Sharma’s anti-Muslim remarks during a […]

Quebec Court of Appeal to evaluate whether secularism law unfairly targets Muslim women

On November 20, 2022, in Civil Rights, Islamophobia, by admin

As arguments wrapped at the Quebec Court of Appeal Wednesday for the legal challenge to the province’s secularism law — known as Bill 21 — the panel of judges hinted that the case hinges on whether the bill disproportionately discriminates against Muslim women who wear the hijab. “That’s a tough question, but it’s really at […]

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